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A Yorkshire success story

An interesting story in today's Yorkshire Post Business Week about the Mumtaz founder Mumtaz Khan. Mumtaz asian food is well known for its quality and the success of the Mumtaz empire was down to something his mum said.

Mumtaz started out on the same site as his current 2.5M restaurant cum palace is now but started trading as a 12 square metre takeaway in 1979.

One day Mumtaz was filling samosas up in the takeaway and didn't realise his mum was watching him. He only had the filling for one samosa but the pastry for two, so he made two smaller samosas. His mum then came out of the back and asked him where the shop keys were. She then took the keys and locked the doors and said that the shop was closed for the day. At first Mumtaz didn't understand what she meant. But then she told him that she had seen what he had done and that he'd cheated and that it doesn't lead to success. From that day onwards Mumtaz Khan says that he has never knowingly cheated. He has always made his own recipes, made fresh food on the spot, and that has been a lesson which has been the secret of his success.

Mumtaz wishes his mum Sarzand Begum was here to see the success that his business is now and that she helped to create. The Mumtaz brand is a highly successful food and drink range which supplies hundreds of thousands of products to leading stores and locations around the world every year. His restaurant is one of the best known Kashmiri curry houses in the world. He thinks his mum would be proud if she could see it now. I'm certain she would be.


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Although we've been expats for some 8 years, we still return to Yorkshire from time to time. Mumtaz has always been one of our favourite spots - and I remember when it was a takeaway joint...

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